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Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies

This sheet pan dinner pairs chicken sausage with a colorful mix of chopped veggies for a healthy and satisfying 30-minute meal.

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The Feathered Nester’s Vegan Meal Challenge

Recently, my daughter challenged me to incorporate more vegan meals into my meal plans. I was intrigued by her suggestion and certainly recognized the health benefits in doing so. So, I am accepting the challenge. Obstacles to the Vegan Challenge The only obstacle is my hubby’s meat loving ways. I’ll […]

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This Week’s Poultry and Seafood Recipes

How’s your New Year going so far? Amazing I hope! If you made goals or resolutions, are you still working on them? I mentioned earlier that one of my goals for 2018 was to embrace a healthier habit each month. This month it’s to eat more poultry and seafood. So, […]

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Fall Meal Plan (THM friendly, too!)

I realized the other day that I haven’t done a meal plan or recipe for a while. Sorry about that. I spend several hours creating the plans and photographing the meals for those posts. I wasn’t sure if they were helpful for readers, so I kind of lost my motivation for […]

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What’s Trim Healthy Mama??

**Warning – this post discusses Trim Healthy Mama’s plan and weight-loss. I am not affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama* Until a few months ago, I’d never head of Trim Healthy Mama. Then, I ordered the Trim Healthy Table cookbook based on its wonderful reviews. I had no idea that the recipes […]

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Trim Healthy Table from Trim Healthy Mama

Several weeks ago, I bought a copy of Trim Healthy Table. I bought it based on the stellar reviews on Amazon. I can’t recall if Amazon recommended the cookbook or how I found out about it. Regardless, the cookbook arrived and after looking at it, I discovered it was part […]