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Hello December! Dinner Ideas + Recipes

It’s December, and I couldn’t be more excited! It is such a magical month, filled with holiday wishes and good cheer. Of course, there’s the hustle and bustle of the holidays woven in, too. With all the busyness that December brings, everyone needs a little help with dinner ideas. So, I’m sharing what I’ll be serving up this month.

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This Week’s Menu with a Hawaiian Tropical Twist

Hi readers! In honor of my Maui vacation, I’m sharing a few local foods that we’ve enjoyed dining on, along with their recipes. I really enjoy Hawaiian food, especially their pork and fish dinners. There are several different types of fish living off the waters of the Hawaiian Islands. Opah […]

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This Week’s Meals. All of My Favorites!

This week’s meals and easy, yet delicious. And, the roasted chicken is perfect as a make once, eat twice dinner. What’s On The Menu Ordinarily I would have saved the whole roasted chicken recipe for a weekend meal, but there is a reason it’s high on this week’s menu. I’ll […]

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This Coming Week’s Meals

Although we’re out-of-town this week, I haven’t forgotten about you. This weekly meals series is a work-in-progress, and for this week I decided to simplify things. Rather than list day-by-day meals, I’m sharing four easy-peasy weeknight meals, and one special weekend dinner. In the comments below, share which format works best for […]

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Meal Plan for the Upcoming Week 8/28 to 9/3

Recapping Last Week’s Meal Plan: We ate well here at our house last week and I hope you did, too! Did you make any of the meals from the meal plan at your house? If so, I hope you’ll share how they turned out. If you missed it, here is a […]

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This Week’s Dinner Plan for 8/21 to 8/27

Last week was a great week of meals at my house. It was great having a dinner plan to follow, and made my days easier. And, I even remembered to take some pictures to share. Often, I  get so wrapped in meal prep that  I forget to take pictures! For […]