The Iconic Louis Vuitton Neverfull

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I’ve had the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM since last  March (of 2017). I purchased it primarily for travel. Later that month, I took it to Florida and the Caribbean as my carry-on and tote bag.

After that it went on a few weekend trips and day-trips with me. It’s an ideal weekend bag. As a carry-on, it works best on larger jets where it can stay upright under the seat, although I did lay it on its side on smaller jets and didn’t have any issues with items rolling out.

It comes with a pochette or pouch that attaches with a clipped strap to inside of the bag. You can see the ring it attaches to in the top left corner of the photo below. The pochette is good-sized (as shown in the You Tube video linked below) and easily converts to a wristlet.

PM, MM, or GM? What’s That?

Those contemplating purchasing the Louis Vuitton Neverfull often wonder, “which size should I get?” The Neverfull comes in three sizes: PM (petite or small), the MM (moyenne or medium), and GM (grand or large). On designer purse forums, I saw many forum posts by people who wondered which size they should get. I was one of those wondering the same thing.

Photo taken from pinterest

So, How Big is the Neverfull GM?

While packing for our  anniversary trip to the coast two weeks ago, I took the opportunity to talk about and show just how much you can fit into the GM. Here is a video I filmed for my Instagram Stories:

In the video, I packed what I’d take for a weekend trip. I did actually take those clothes, but I needed enough clothing for 4 days for the trip. So, I used a smaller carry-on duffel size for my clothing and toiletries. I still took my Neverfull, though. I put everything I wanted close at hand in it, such as my iPad, Kindle, a jacket or sweater, my vitamins, snacks, and my smaller, purse (the Favorite) that I carried around while we were out and about.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

Here are more photos of the Neverfull:

Exterior view

Interior views

It is extremely roomy inside! The photo above shows it with an organizer, which is really helpful with keeping items within view and easy reach.

The Louis Vuitton Favorite

As I mentioned above, I took my Favorite (MM size) bag to carry around. I got this small purse/crossbody bag for my birthday in October. I purchased the strap shown below separately.

Louis Vuitton

The Favorite MM with optional strap

This spring, I’ll do a separate Worth the Splurge review post about it. I wanted to wait until I’d used it for several months.

The Neverfull and Favorite

I’ve used the Favorite a lot more than I imagined I ever would! The crossbody function makes it an easy purse to carry. Which is funny because this is the first crossbody/convertible purse I felt comfortable wearing. I like the security and functionality of it when running errands or shopping, too. While in Pismo, I used the Favorite everywhere we went.


Another exterior view of the Neverfull

To read more about handbags, and my love of them check out this post:

If you have any questions or comments about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (or the Favorite), post them below.

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