Month: March 2019

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Recipe Roundup of my Top Four

This week, I thought I’d do a four recipe roundup rather than a weekly dinner plan. This roundup is designed to give dinner ideas, and to let you adapt your meals based on what you ingredients you have on hand. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re on a quest to eat […]

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Meal Planning Tips

So many readers tell me that they struggle with meal planning. Too often they’re scrambling around in the afternoon or after work, wondering what they’re going to make for dinner. Guess what? I’m here to help with my top meal planning tips! Meal planning might seem like a hassle to […]

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Let’s Make a Frittata: Quick & Easy Recipe

Have you ever had a frittata? It’s really just a crustless quiche. But, frittatas are quick & easy, lower in carbs and fat, and high in protein. In my book, that’s a win-win! Although frittatas are egg dish dishes, they’re suitable for any meal. I love making them for brunches. […]

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Lighter Dinners This Week

It’s springtime and I can’t believe it! But, seeing the daffodils and tulips in bloom reminds me that it’s here. Everything seems lighter and brighter, including my dinners. Did I mention in last week’s meal post that I’m making our meals lighter? Yup, it’s true. I’m using leaner cuts of […]