Month: May 2017

Worth the Splurge?
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Worth the Splurge? I Review, You Decide…

I decided to start a regular blog series titled Worth the Splurge? I Review, You Decide where I’ll review items that I view as splurges. I’ll list what I like and don’t like about it and you can decide if it’s worth it. So…what should be first? In one of my […]

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Planning Ahead and Meals

So, how do you handle meal planning? My ideal way is to take a moment on Sunday and formulate a plan for the week. Then, I pick the recipes I’ll use and make a list of the ingredients needed. But, there’s times when life gets in the way of my […]

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Dining Room Decor – New Rug?

I need your help with a decor dilemma going on in our dining room. Does my dining room need a rug? To see the before and after, and to post your opinion, keep reading! A Little Background… In 2015, we bought the home we are living in now. Buying this home was the […]

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2nd Annual Mother’s Day Trip

My daughters and I had our 2nd Annual Mother’s Day Trip over the weekend.

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Style Reveal – The Gucci GG Blooms Espadrilles

Come see what beauty found its way into my closet! It’s time for a Style Reveal!

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Our House – Kitchen Remodel Reveal

A few days ago, I posted about last year’s remodel of the kitchen, dining, and family room. The biggest surprise when planning the project was the importance and cost of lighting! There is little natural light into these rooms, and only in the morning. They replaced and added to the […]